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Welcome to NRB College of Education, M.Garh. NRB College of Education, M. Garh is a Co-educational College established and managed by NRB Education & Welfare Society. The College is situated in a lush green outside the area 1 Km away from M.Garh Railway Station, Bus stand at M.Garh. It is at a distance of about 1 Km from M.Garh district head quarter. it is well connected by Road.

The College campus is spread over a sprawling area of over 5 acres of land. The location of college is very beautiful. Forest green fields of food grains, trees, flower, simple and innocent villagers comprise the main characteristics. The campus is well laid with state-of-art building. There are spacious classrooms, a central Library, Computer Lab, Audio Visual lab. The College ground is covered with green turfs and a variety of evergreen plants with all the facilities of sports and co-curricular activities.

NRB College M.Garh is approved and recognized by National Council of Teachers Education (N.C.T.E) and is affiliated with Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana for B.Ed course.












Aims and Objectives

The Aims of the college rest on the following principles :-

  • A belief that all students have various talents that need encouragement to develop.

  • The need for a working environment which secures effective teaching hearing  and values achievement by all students in their social, moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development.

  • Derive enjoyment from their learning which should extend their intellectual capacity, develop their interests and stimulate their curiosity.

  • Show respect for each other and all people working in the college and to appreciate the diverse talents that contribute our college community.

  • Play a major part in creating a charring, supporting college environment.

  • Display self discipline and proper regard for authority















NRB College of Education offers their students an excellent selection of books on education as well as other subjects and topics open self system is maintained and students are free to choose the books. Which then require from the library.

Highlights of Library facility are as under :-

  1. 9000 reference and text books.

  2. National / International journals.

  3. National News papers in Hindi and English.

  4. Indian News magazines of repute.

  5. Mange other guiding and informative magazines and news bulletins.


The laboratories for all - Audio visual lag, language lab, Psychology lab, Science lab, social science lag and mathematics lab are well equipped with all the practical aspects of these subjects.

Computer Lab

Importance of computer education today can not be neglected rather it is always emphasized. Our college has an excellent computer faculty with latest computer systems to meet all the needs of various level.







Course Description

B.Ed Course :- It is a two Year regular program. It is of Total 1450 marks two year.1st year 5 (five) papers & 2nd year 7 (seven) paper. The session begins in Sep / Oct and the final Exam takes place in During June to August every year..

Course Details

D.Ed Course :- It is a Two Year regular program.



















The desk of the Chairman

Dear Students,

  • You can be a millionaire overnight ( by winning a lottery) But you Can't be a scholar like Kalidas or Shakespeare overnight. To be a real scholar, you have to devote yourself to education. So be sincere, plan out, work out the plan become successful.

  • In fact teacher education is a vital sub - are of education which plays an important role in national development. Education is the process of organizing and developing in a systematic and integral way the intellect of the students.

  • Education is only a ladder to pluck the fruits from the tree of knowledge not the fruit itself.

  • Our motto is "Education for all and excellence in education". We have been able to signify the importance of education and contribute of NRB college of Education.

  • NRB College of Education M. Garh has a large campus with state of the art  infrastructure to provide ample facilities for various teaching, sporting, cultural activities for the students.

  • It is our resolution and determination to bring the revolution in Education. We desire your Co-Operation and your big hands to get all the ideals of M. Garh College of Education in its true sense.














B. Ed. Faculty List



Sr.No. Name Father's Name Designation
1. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sh. J.B. Sharma Principal
2. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sh. Shyam Singh Lect. In Edu. (T. of Maths)
3. Mr. Anil Kumar Misra Sh. Kashi Prasad Misra Lect. in Edu. (T. of Eco)
4. Umashankar Singh Sh. Raj Bahadur Singh Lect. in Edu. (T. Ph/Sc)
5. Pankaj Kumar Sh. Vinod Singh Lect. in Edu (T. of SS)
6. Akhilesh Kumar Verma Sh. Ram Dular Verma Lect. in Edu. (T. of SS)
7. Anil Kumar Verma Sh. Ram Raj Verma Lect. in Edu.
















Faculty List


















Non Teaching Staff List













                                Student Details  

SummaryD.Ed 2008-10























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